Underwater Production

We offer underwater production of 360 stereoscopic and monoscopic content.

Content licensing

Our growing database of existing clips is available on blend media.

Experience creation

Based on the existing content we have, we can create amazing, customized underwater experiences for you.

About Immersive Medium

At Immersive Medium we believe the ocean is uniquely positioned to offer amazing Virtual experiences via recorded content. Beneath the surface, there is a whole new world which few of us have ever had the privilege to live. It is a peaceful and beautiful place. We take it on ourselves to bring all this underwater beauty to those who have not yet experienced it and in doing so, inspire love for it.

As Jeremy Bailenson once put it: "Don't use VR for everything. Save it for things that, if you were to do an experience in the real world, it would hit one of four standards and I'll go over each of them. Impossible. Dangerous. Counterproductive, or rare and expensive." We believe the underwater virtual experiences qualifies for all four.

Our primary goal is to build and maintain a highly structured and ever-expanding repository of high-quality underwater Virtual Reality Content.

The content which we create is directed towards creating an as immersive feeling as possible, where we position you alone in your new environment, with no distractions.

We classify our content mainly based on the marine life taxonomy, location and types of sites.

We have five different categories of sites.

  • Shallow reefs
  • Deep sites
  • Artificial reefs
  • Wrecks
  • Open ocean

Nothing ever becomes real,
until it is experienced.

“VR experience is often better understood not as a media experience,
but as an actual experience, with the attendant results for our behavior.”

Our Price

Through specializing in underwater Virtual Reality content management and creation,
we are capable of rendering higher quality and faster final delivery at a lower cost.
Please contact us for more details about your project.

For licencing of individual clips, view our growing online portfolio at Blend Media

Content licensing

view our availible content on Blend media